My story

For a very long time I felt the urge to voice myself, not sure what that meant, but I felt pulled towards ……… something. When I look back on my life I realize that there are three words that have been playing a key role in my journey called Life on Earth: Belonging, Authenticity and Freedom. All part of the same token, at least for me.

Today is the start of another journey. One of sharing my insights and thoughts from the perspective of belonging while taking a look at my own life and the journey I made. I feel scared and excited. All kinds of emotions are racing through my body from fear for rejection, shame and holding my breath to emotions as joy, laughter and a big YES! I feel naked and vulnerable and yet….today is the day!  No more hiding, no more excuses, no more….. it is time to show up, so here I am!

I deeply believe that everyone has ‘it’ in them to look in the mirror and say “you are the best thing that ever append to me, and with you I want to grow old”. I know I do when looking in the mirror. I am truly grateful for who I am!  

How would life be if you were all able to truly and unconditionally say that to yourself? It is my passion to inspire, empower and move others into loving and embracing themselves for who they are. Trusting that for some of you my story will bring you as a reader one step closer.

"You are only free when you realize you belong no place, you belong every place, no place at all. The price is high, the reward is great" -Maya Angelou-

A journey home

A quote that resonates deeply within, I feel it and I breath it. I first heard that quote a few months following my return to settle in the Netherlands. The country I was born in but where I felt I did not belong anymore, not sure if I ever did.
I came back 3 years ago feeling that I had to stay and live here again. I was not sure why, but it felt important to stay and grow roots; even though I felt I do not belong here. So the question rose, where do I belong? 
While I was listening to an audio-book of Brené Brown, she quoted Maya Angelou ….  Read more