Wisdom of your Body

Re-friending yourself, Re-friending your Life

June 9-11, 2023


Join us on a 3-day journey of re-friending yourself in ways you might not have done before.  Through touch, breath, meditation, inquiry and unwinding we welcome you to (re)connect with those parts of you, you have been hiding from and are ready to live more fully: Your love, your joy, your passion, and also your tears, your fears, and your stress.


Re-friending all of who you are can support you in feeling more relaxed, happy, free, empowered, loving, and connected. It is an opportunity and an invitation to strengthen your sense of belonging.

Practical information

Friday Jun 9 until Sunday June 11 2023

Welkom Friday from 9.30u, start 10.00u.

Finish Sunday around 16.30u.

Location: Groupaccomodation Oostraven in Epe, Netherlands

Costs: € 545    


Early bird discount: €495

valid till May 1, 2023



This retreat is facilitated by Esther Schenkel en John van der Rest.  Both experienced rebalancing trainers with an extensive international background.


About John van der Rest (born 1968) is half Argentinian and has worked in the international trade. He lived and travelled several years in South-America before settling in the Netherlands and become a Rebalancer. John is inspired by the mystery of life as a human being in a body and by the beauty and life force found in the natural world. He loves to work with the transformational power of the heart and earth to invite healing and inner peace. He has a Rebalancing practice in Nijmegen and works as a trainer in the Rebalancing School.


About Esther Schenkel (born 1969) has lived and worked abroad for about 20 years (Italy, Sint Maarten, Chile and Portugal), and is back in the Netherlands now for a number of years.

Traveling through the world and within herself has made her realize more and more who she is. In this she discovered new truths about herself and was she able to let go of limiting beliefs and patterns. This made and makes her more free, more woman, softer and milder to herself, stronger, more courageous to really love, receive and live with an open heart and in the depths of her own being. She learned the importance of belonging to every place, no place at all. Esther has her Rebalancing practice in The Hague and works as a trainer at the Rebalancing School.