"Owning the truth of who I am" - Esther Schenkel -


My path in life is to live abundantly from my heart and with passion; inspiring and supporting others to embrace themselves with unconditional love. Beneath all layers and behind every door we eventually find Love! And that starts with Love for your Self.


For me, life is about expressing myself, about being true to myself, about truthfulness, about courage and daring, about being myself unconditionally. It's about coming home to myself and welcoming myself, in fullness. Thus I find greatness and love. 


My desire for freedom and adventure, in combination with my curiosity, takes me to new places in the world and in myself. After living and working abroad for about 20 years (Italy, Sint Maarten, Chile and Portugal), I have been back in the Netherlands now for a number of years.


After training and extensive experience as an HR consultant, there came a time when the work as such was no longer satisfying. I wanted to connect with people and with myself in a different way. That was the beginning of an intense journey inwards: a training at the Center for Intuitive and Creative Development, followed by a training at the Rebalancing School for Bodywork and Consciousness.


Here I learned that we always have the opportunity to find inner peace and stillness, no matter how we feel, where we are or what we are doing.


Traveling through the world and within myself has made me realize more and more who I am. In this I discovered new truths about myself, and I was able to let go of limiting beliefs and patterns. This made and makes me more free, more woman, softer and milder to myself, stronger, more courageous to really love, receive and live with an open heart and in the depths of my own belly.


Since 2017 I am back in the Netherlands and give sessions in The Hague, Netherlands.




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