“It only takes one person to change your life, You!”

What people experience

“I feel that Esther has a spacious and non-judgmental heart, and that is not only nice to feel, but also an example. Esther creates a safe, loving environment."

“For me, Esther has a beautiful combination of softness, loving and lightness, and next to that she is firm and decisive. We have already made beautiful trips together several times, which I experience as special and very liberating.”


“I am very happy that I ended up with Esther. Each session is always a magical journey of discovery with new insights, emotions and old tensions that are released. It's a completely different experience every time, soothing, healing and liberating."


"So far it has given me a lot. I can be more and more who I really am and feel what I feel. This gives me much more energy and better concentration, my connection with the people around me has really visibly improved. Esther is very experienced, empathetic, level-headed, she is understanding, non-judgmental and she has a good sense of humour, which also makes us laugh all the time. Thanks, thanks, thanks!"

“Because of sexual abuse, it was difficult for me to come to terms with my feelings. I didn't get any further with a psychologist because there was only talking, while with me the block is precisely not "being able to feel". The psychologist referred me to Esther because Rebalancing mainly affects your feeling / emotions."


"Esther taught me how to feel without having to talk a lot. The result is amazing. A world has opened for me: I can get to my feelings/emotions again, so that making love is finally nice and relaxed. From the first moment I felt comfortable with Esther because she is there for me unconditionally.”

“I was stuck in my training as a coach for personal development and life questions. I couldn't name my feeling properly and bring it into my coaching conversations. I was working hard trying to keep control of my conversations instead of being there for my clients. I was in a bind. Esther's approach felt very good from the first moment. I was allowed to be myself with all my doubts. Through her loving and attentive touches, there was more space in my body, the knot unravelled and I became aware of feelings and emotions that I carried with me. It touches me deeply in every session and it also helps me a lot. I am getting to know myself and my body with everything that lies within it better and I always feel very happy, spacious and liberated afterwards. I also gradually feel calmer, more balanced and my self-confidence is growing. I still regularly visit Esther and that remains of great value to me." 


“Esther is a vivacious woman with the guts to live. Bustling with energy and with a passion for living life to the full; in strength, play and love. Esther encourages and supports. She is powerful, direct, thorough, and empathetic in group processes; in what is needed for the group and the individual.”