“Deep breaths are like little love notes to yourself”

Connective Breath

Your breath is your life energy. Connected breathing connects your head to the rest of your body, allowing you to sink deeper into your body and become more in touch with your feelings.


Connective breathing makes the difference between conscious and unconscious, playful and serious, free and convulsive, vital and exhausted. Breath immediately brings you into the moment, into the here and now.


When you pay attention to your breathing, you will notice that there is often a different way of breathing for every mood. When you are afraid you hold your breath or when you are excited you breathe faster.


When you breathe more consciously, a movement and therefore a change can occur in the feelings and emotions you are in contact with at that moment; This allows you to be more present to what is happening inside you. 

Through breathing we detect stuck emotions, tensions, blockages, conditioning and traumas at an unconscious level. The breathing sessions are aimed at discharge, where you can (again) trust the self-healing capacity of your body. 


During a breathing session I invite you to use connected breathing to say 'yes' to what you encounter within yourself during the breathing session. Every breath is a meeting with yourself again and again in the here and now.



A connected breathing session can support you to; break negative beliefs, express stuck emotions, process trauma, strengthen self-acceptance, allow happy feelings, enjoy life more, feel and express anger, deal with fear.