“In order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen, really seen.” – Brene Brown –


Wherever you live in the world, whatever you do, it doesn't matter, also online I can guide you to connect you with your truth, your desire, your pain, sadness, strength, love and so much more.


In an online session, just like in physical session, I use techniques such as breath, inquiry, journeying through the body, sound and/or movement, so that you can meet what wants to be met in you at that moment. 

As long as you cannot or do not want to feel parts of yourself (anymore), you are denying a part of whoever you are in this moment! Dare to be inclusive, to embrace yourself completely and lovingly. Only then can you live in fullness, making the choice to live the life you want, in the way that suits you, also called conscious leadership. Discover which wisdoms, powers, desires are still hidden so that you can live your strength, your uniqueness even more!